Google’s Project Fi Invites To Reach Everyone By Mid-Summer

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Project Fi, Google’s recently announced plans to offer its own wireless cellular service, appears to have a lot of demand – or at least, that’s what an email sent out to potential customers seems to imply. The email informs those who previously registered their interest in trying out the new service that, due to the  number of requests Google has received, it will likely take until mid-summer before invites make their way to everyone.

Given that it’s nearly June, that’s not as far away as it sounds, of course. And that doesn’t mean that no one will receive an invite ahead of this “mid-summer” timeframe – after all, Google’s Project Fi’s website indicates that a small number of invites are distributed each week to those who’ve signed up. In fact, according to the email, several of Project Fi’s first customers have already been given access to the network. So…

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Sling TV Expands To Android TV, Strikes Deal With Google To Offer Discounted Nexus Players

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Sling TV, Dish Network’s Internet TV service designed for cord cutters, is now available on the Android TV platform, the company is announcing this morning, including Google’s Nexus Player. This addition expands the service’s already fairly extensive lineup of devices it supports, which today includes Roku and Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Xbox One, as well as iOS and Android phones and tablets, and Mac and PC desktops.

Sling TV and Google are also teaming up to kick off the new integration with a deal that will offer new customers a deeply discounted (50 percent off) Nexus Player device when they pre-pay for three months of Sling’s service. For those who already own a Nexus Player, they can now try Sling for seven days for free.

Though owned by a traditional pay TV operator, Sling TV offers an alternative to the larger cable TV bundles on…

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How Microsoft Took The Lead In Social 3.0 And What Facebook And Google Are Doing About It

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Editor’s note: Eric Holmen is the executive vice president of sales, marketing and services at Invoca. 

All of a sudden, it seems like Facebook, Google and Apple are climbing all over each other to own the voice interaction, and specifically, the phone conversation. They’re in a race to compete in the most valuable part of “social” — as if they’ve forgotten, until now, just how much humans ultimately value one-on-one conversation.

I see voice as the next big land grab for tech companies — and not just the established players in VoIP, but the companies at the bleeding edge of consumer and business communication. Microsoft is well-positioned after acquiring Skype in 2011, but other tech giants are catching up as they recognize the value of voice conversations. Skype has 4.9 million daily active users compared with Facebook’s 890 million, but Skype’s users are interacting in a very “

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A win for Apple: Spotify will reportedly severely restrict its free streaming tier

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It seems that Apple is getting part of its wish and Spotify will at least severely restrict users’ ability to stream songs for free. Digital Music News’ sources claim that Spotify is planning to limit users’ ability to stream music for free to just three months. After this, they’ll have to pay a subscription fee to continue having unlimited access to the service.

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The funniest thing you’ll see today: What if everything was bundled like pay TV?

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Comedy site Funny Or Die has plenty of hits and plenty of misses. When it misses, it usually misses pretty monumentally. When it hits though, it hits in a big way… and such is the case with one of the site’s latest sketches. The short video, which stars well-known comedian David Koechner from The Office, imagines what the world would be like if everything was bundled like pay TV.

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