Nintendo NX: Here’s what we can expect to see from Nintendo’s next-gen console


No one would blame you if you (incorrectly) assumed that the Wii U would be Nintendo’s last traditional home console. After gambling on the Wii, Nintendo decided to take another huge risk by releasing a majorly underpowered console with a controller as large as an iPad, but this time it didn’t pay off.

Third party developers vanished, first party developers ran out of gimmicks and everyone moved on to the PS4 and Xbox One. But it’s not the end of the road for Nintendo. A new console is coming, but how will it compare to the Wii U?

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BuzzFeed Confirms $200M Investment From NBCUniversal


BuzzFeed just announced that it has raised $200 million from NBCUniversal.

If the news sounds a little familiar, that’s because Vox Media announced a similar deal with NBCUniversal last week. At the time, Re/code (now owned by Vox) reported that BuzzFeed had received an investment of the same size, at a valuation of $1.5 billion.

As with the Vox deal, BuzzFeed and NBCUniversal say they’ll be looking at possibilities for strategic partnerships.

In a memo to employees, founder and CEO Jonah Peretti (pictured above) also highlighted a number of other partnerships, including the deal with Yahoo Japan:

All these deals were structured to assure BuzzFeed’s continued editorial and creative independence. Equally important, the investment from NBCU and our rapidly growing revenue assures our financial independence, allowing us to grow and invest without pressure to chase short-term revenue or rush an IPO.

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Alphabet now “owns” Google;


CaptureIn the latest groundbreaking news, Google is now owned by a company called Alphabet. Now, Google isn’t being bought out by Alphabet, but instead have the founders of Google creating Alphabet for one main purpose.

Reorganizing Google. They did this with a rather playful website.

We all know one thing – Google has a shit tonne of subsidiary companies and many more projects unrelated to search engines or ads. Take the self-driving car that was done in Google X for example – it’s amazing and don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t really to Google’s main core purpose anyway.

Same goes to some of the other subsidiaries like Google Ventures and Google Capital, Nest (the smart thermostat), Calico (biotech company) – they don’t really fit in with the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of Google, and to separate out those subsidiaries out as an independent company.

That said, Alphabet Inc. is…

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