Happy 239th Birthday USA!


In honor of our nation’s 239th birthday, the latest EOVC poll explores consumer behavior around fireworks and viewing of patriotic TV shows and movies over the holiday weekend.

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The pay-TV industry is changing in leaps and bounds.  Who’s gaining?  Who’s losing?  In our latest report, we examine the state of the industry.

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Facebook Users Not Happy With Autoplay

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In an effort to continue developing its new model for video ads, Facebook introduced video autoplay last February. In light of recent news that Facebook is testing a continuous autoplay feature, Centris surveyed Facebook members in its Evolution of Video Community to find out they feel about having videos autoplay on the news feed.

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Roku Jumps Apple TV to Become the Most Owned Streaming Set Top Box

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Apple TV has long been said to be the most widely owned streaming set-top box on the market. Digitalsmiths, a Tivo-owned research company, recently released a study showing that Roku now tops Apple TV. Only Wi-Fi enabled Blu-ray players and smart TVs have sold more. (Please note: This study looks at residential use only.)

Latest Data Just Released: SVOD with Dr. Banerjee, Social Media & TV and More

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We just released our latest data, which covers:

  • SVOD with Dr. Banerjee – Seven Things You Need to Know
  • Social Media Driving Interest in TV & Movies Across Age Groups
  • Facebook Users Not Happy with Autoplay

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New wireless industry video says opposing net neutrality is totally hip


Your wireless carrier would love to give you all sorts of crazy-cool stuff… but now the mega-bogus FCC is trying to spoil the party. Bummer! The CTIA Wireless Association has put out a new video arguing against FCC chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal to reclassify both wireline and wireless broadband services under Title II of the Telecommunications Act and it tries to make the case that opposing this move is a totally hip thing to do.

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Samsung’s smart TV privacy policy should scare you to death


If you’re already worried about your smartphone or PC spying on you, just wait until you see what smart TVs are capable of. The Korea Times reports that Samsung’s smart TV privacy policy has been coming under heavy scrutiny because it says that your TV can record your voice and sell the contents of what you say to undisclosed “third parties.”

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