Pandora’s “Sponsored Listening” Ad Format Exits Beta, Offering Mobile App Users An Hour Of Uninterrupted Listening


Following the arrival of stronger-than-expected earnings last week, radio service Pandora this morning announced the expansion of its “Sponsored Listening” ad product, which is now being made available to all advertisers. The product, which was first introduced this past fall, was said previously to be scheduled for a launch in the second half of 2015. Instead of more interruptive ads, similar to what you would hear on terrestrial radio, Sponsored Listening lets users opt to watch a video or other rich media ad at the beginning of their Pandora session in exchange for an hour of commercial-free music.

These ad units, which require at least 15 seconds’ of users attention, can now include things like a swipeable slide gallery or a 360-degree product spotlight, in addition to video – the latter which was the only ad format initially available when the product first launched into beta. The idea is to capture users’ uninterrupted…

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