Ily Is A Modern Family Phone To Stay Connected With Your Family


Meet Ily, a brand new take on personal communication between family members. Ily is a new connected device for your home as well as a smartphone app. Developed by New York-based startup Insensi, Ily doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. This all-in-one communication box does a few things really well, and makes sense for all family members, from kids to grandparents.

“When I was working in California for Jive, I was traveling a lot,” founder and CEO Ilan Abehassera told me. “And I realized that it was hard to stay in touch with my kids. And then I thought about their grandparents as well.”

That’s why he wanted to design a device that was so easy and safe to use that it would reduce the friction to communicate with your long-distance family members. Ily is a $200 communication device that you set up in your kitchen or…

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