A Conversation With Slash About Music Streaming In A Rapidly Changing Industry


[tc_dropcap]While Taylor Swift just took a stand against Apple for not paying up-and-coming artists for their work, not every artist is in that camp. How do classic rockers, whose careers blossomed when MTV was still about music television, adapt to the age of streaming media?[/tc_dropcap]

Some, like the legendary Guns N’ Roses guitarist known as Slash, head to BitTorrent.

Slash is the latest artist to release his work in a Bundle on the peer-to-peer file sharing site. He and his new band Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators released the BitTorrent bundle “Live at the Roxy,” on the file sharing networkthis past week.

I was able to get on the phone with Slashwhile he was on tour for his latest album “World on Fire”to ask how he makes use of newtechnology and what he thinks of Apple, TIDAL, Spotify and otherstreaming services. Here’s the full transcript:

Me: Hi Slash.


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