YouTube Launches YouTube Newswire, A Channel Featuring Verified Eyewitness Videos


YouTube announced today a trio of initiatives designed to expand the video-sharing site’s role in new media journalism, including eyewitness news. Most notably, the company is launching a service called YouTube Newswire in partnership with social news agency Storyful, which will introduce a curated and verified feed of the day’s most newsworthy events being published to YouTube.

YouTube and Storyful have partnered up in the past, notes YouTube in a blog post detailing the news – the two have worked together since the protests broke out in Tahrir Square in 2011. And even before that, Storyful had been working to verify and contextualize YouTube videos, the company says. Since 2010, the team has vetted over 100,000 videos published to Google’s YouTube site.

YouTube and Storyful also previously partnered on channels like CitizenTube, YouTube Politics, YouTube Human Rights Channel, and others.


With YouTube Newswire, however, YouTube and Storyful are further cementing their partnership…

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