Breathalyzers, Selfies And Body Sweat? A Wallet Password Replacement Showdown


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If you hate typing long passwords into super small screens, I have good news: smart people are trying to fix the problem. Yes, the whole rigmarole of creating a word that has at least one capital letter, one number and one special character could soon be history.

For the mobile payment industry, this is exciting news because people won’t use mobile wallets if they have to enter a complicated password before every single purchase. At the same time, without strong enough security in front of mobile payments, fraud and hacking will ruin the party.

Instead of using passwords, it’s likely that we will soon use bio-signatures to approve purchases. Apple went for the good old fingerprint with Apple Pay and Touch ID, but is that the only option? No. Breathalyzers, selfies and, yes, body sweat are actually options, too. But are these possibilities really as slick as…

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