Over-The-Air HDTV Makes Xbox One A Near-Perfect Cord Cutting Console


Microsoft announced support for over-the-air TV broadcasts, including HD content, early in April. I’ve been using the setup since, after enrolling in the Xbox One Preview program and receiving a Mohu Leaf indoor HDTV antenna and an Hauppauge 955Q USB TV tuner to take it for a test ride. The end result is that for me, at least, Xbox One is closer than ever to achieving its vision of being the one device to rule them all when it comes to home entertainment.

That’s sort of the vision Microsoft laid out for Xbox One when it first unveiled the console; in fact, many criticized the company after the fact for focusing too much on the new Xbox’s general media capabilities, and not enough on games. But the reality of addressing the needs of a broad audience when it comes to media consumption means covering a wide range of possible…

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