Whipclip Launches So You Can Legally Share Your Favorite TV Moments


There’s a lot of talk about how social media has become the new watercooler for discussing TV’s funny, crazy, or otherwise memorable moments. What’s been more hit-or-miss, however, is finding the actual footage that everyone’s talking about.

Sure, networks are putting more and more clips online, but it’s still only a fraction of what’s actually broadcast. Even when networks post something, the clips might not go live until hours or days after the broadcast. And yes, people find more, uh, creative ways to share this content, but I don’t actually enjoy watching a YouTube video of someone pointing their iPhone camera at their TV screen.

So a startup called Whipclip is launching an iPhone app of the same name today that makes it easy and legal to find and share some of your favorite TV clips. (There are plans for an Android app, too.)

As COO Dan Brian put it…

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