Legendary Nintendo designer won’t be making iOS or Android games


Earlier this week, gamers rejoiced amidst news that Nintendo is planning to bring some of its most storied and beloved franchises to smartphones and tablets. As we highlighted earlier in the week, this is an opportunity Nintendo has long neglected, not only to the detriment of gamers, but to its own bottom line as well.

Nintendo sits on a gold mine of underutilized properties. It hasn’t been bothered to do another Advance Wars game despite its rabid global fan base that would pay $70 a pop for a new iteration. It has lost its passion for Castlevania and Metroid. It has neglected the clever little puzzle games that defined the early Nintendo DS years. Many of these franchises are perfect fits for tablet. Advance Wars games were practically designed to be played on large touch screens and came out years before tablets were even on the market.

While it…

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