New Data Shows Mobile Data Consumption Skyrocketing Following Snapchat Discover’s Launch


Word has it that last month’s launch of Snapchat’s “Discover” feature, which connects the messaging app’s users to news stories and other media packaged in a way that’s ideal for consumption in quick bursts, has been driving millions of pageviews per day for its publishing partners. But the evidence pointing to Discover’s popularity has been fairly anecdotal until now. According to new data coming out this morning, however, the average data consumption per active user on Snapchat skyrocketed following Discover’s launch in both the U.S. and Europe.

In both regions, users’ average weekly data consumption grew from around 100 to 150 megabytes per user per week before Discover to now nearly 400 MB per user per week in Europe and over 600 MB per U.S. user per week. (See chart below).

The average weekly data consumption figures, which are being shared today by mobile analytics firm 7Park Data, were sourced from…

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