Publisher Macmillan Signs On With E-Book Subscription Services Oyster And Scribd


Macmillan, one of the “Big Five” book publishers in the United States, is making its titles available on subscription e-book services Oyster and Scribd, starting today.

The news isn’t exactly a surprise, since Macmillan CEO John Sargent wrote in December that the publisher would be experimenting with the subscription business model. He didn’t name any partners or launch dates, but Oyster and Scribd are the best-known startups attempting to create a Netflix-style service for books. (Both provide unlimited access to a large library of e-books, with Oyster charging $9.95 per month and Scribd charging $8.99.)

Macmillan is the third of the Big Five publishers to sign on with both services. (These deals mostly involve older, backlist titles, rather than new releases.) In his earlier note, addressed to “Authors, Illustrators, and Agents,” Sargent wrote:

Many of you know that we have long been opposed to subscription. We have always worried…

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