Netflix Argues Against Internet Fast Lanes As GOP Opposition To Net Neutrality Looms


Netflix today published a short blog post, making its case against the creation of so-called “Internet fast-lanes.” Fast lanes, also known by the more technical term “paid prioritization,” could allow Internet providers sell digital content companies faster access to consumers.

Opponents of fast lanes, like Netflix, often argue that if fast lanes were codified into the regulatory structure of America, they would grant incumbent companies advantage over smaller firms, the latter of which might not be able to pay for faster speeds.

With reports indicating that the incoming Republican majority in both houses of Congress intend to combat net neutrality regulations that the FCC is widely expected to vote on in February, the battle lines of the issue are becoming more clear. Separately, the FCC’s forthcoming rules are expected to come under legal fire from Internet providers.

Here’s the core of Netflix’s argument:

Allowing fast lanes gives ISPs a perverse incentive…

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