Inbox Messenger Raises $3.9 Million For Its Design-Focused Private Messaging App


A mobile messaging application called Inbox Messenger, which combines user privacy features with a minimalist design, has raised $3.9 million in seed funding, the company announced today. The investment, though higher than the average seed round, comes from a group of unnamed angel investors and is designed to help the company grow its engineering and product teams, expand its customer service, and enhance its feature set.

The NJ-founded, now NY-based, startup was founded last year by Maher Janajri, previously a growth strategy consultant at Accenture, whose background also includes mobile payments; and Hani Shabsigh, whose formal training is in chemical and biomolecular engineering, but who taught himself to code during his free time on nights and weekends.

Shabsigh originally had the idea of a messaging app with a “privacy screen” which he brought to a Startup Weekend hackathon where he met Maher. The two then developed the messaging app experience together, with a…

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