At least 10% of your online respondents are faking it!

Online surveying has become the dominant method of quantitative data collection in the market research industry in a short time. Concerns over the viability of online sampling are valid, yet on the whole the MR industry has done an excellent job of addressing them.

However, there is a data quality issue that is rarely discussed that researchers haven’t found a standard way of dealing with just yet:  many of your online respondents are faking it.

They may be doing so for a number of reasons. Your questionnaire may be poorly designed, difficult to understand, or just too long. Your incentive system might be working at cross purposes by getting respondents to respond dishonestly to screening questions or speed along through the questionnaire to get the incentive you offer. Your respondents could be distracted by other things going on in their homes or other windows open on his/her desktop. If they…

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