How The 49ers Are Using Beacons To Help You Find Hot Dogs And Beer


Enterprise Wi-Fi provider Aruba Networks officially lit up their homegrown beacon network and accompanying smartphone app at Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, today in Santa Clara. After working in beta for that last several months, the deployment now enables a host of location-based services for stadium goers like: quickly and accurately finding concessions, restrooms, and seats with the Levi’s Stadium app, no matter how deep into the stadium users are.

It is one of the first indoor positioning systems installed in such a large space – the stadium is 1.85 million square feet and seats 68,000 – and points to a future where we’ll have indoor positioning as precise as GPS data.

In the near future, Aruba and their acquired software company Meridian (who we have covered before) also plan to enable location-aware push messages for specific events and offers inside the stadium at game time…

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