Fan TV sells to Rovi after finding that it’s hard to revolutionize the cable box


Sometimes, even Yves Behar isn’t enough to help you succeed. Such is the case with Fan TV, a startup that built a beautiful set-top box with an innovative new remote control, only to have pay TV operators balk at its business plan. On Monday, Fan TV announced that it has been acquired by entertainment metadata specialist Rovi.

Both parties didn’t reveal any numbers, but Recode reported that the total acquisition price is likely below the $40 million Fan TV raised over several rounds. Fan TV’s executives, as well as all of its staff, are joining Rovi’s content discovery team. And when I talked to Fan TV CEO Gilles BianRosa as well as Omar Javaid, SVP and GM of Rovi’s Discovery Group Monday, they tried to assure me that it will be business as usual for Fan TV. The company’s app will stay around, and Fan TV will continue to sell its…

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