Meet Rooms, Facebook’s semi-anonymous app and first real attempt to fix the broken problem of social


There’s an argument to be made that Facebook built the current social networking era and then Facebook broke it. It succeeded where Friendster and MySpace ultimately failed – at connecting you to all your friends and eventually connecting the world. But therein lies the problem. Soon after friending your college buddies and then your elementary school friends came your mother and then your grandmother, your boss and then industry acquaintances.

Facebook did such a good job of achieving its mission that it started to lose its power as a place to share openly about your life. That failing opened the door for the likes of Snapchat, with its promise of the temporary and the (sort of) private. It also gave anonymous confessional apps like Whisper and Secret an entrée into winning over consumers.

But Mark Zuckerberg isn’t dumb. He knows the next era of social will be something different than what Facebook…

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