Bigcommerce and Announce Site Integration


Bigcommerce, an online store platform for small-to-medium sized businesses and announced an integration today that will allow Bigcommerce’s merchants to source goods directly from through its platform.

This will benefit sellers by making the process of finding wholesalers and dropship suppliers (companies that ship products directly from manufacturers to customers) easier. Bigcommerce vendors will also be able to access services, including its payment protection program and quality control inspection, directly from the platform. Bigcommerce, which has offices in San Francisco, Austin, and Sydney, says it currently has more than 55,000 retailers on its platform.

In turn, the integration can help’s vendors sell more products and improve the site’s reputation., a marketplace for wholesale goods founded in 1999, was Alibaba Group’s first business.

Though is China’s largest global wholesale marketplace by revenue, according to iResearch, it’s been hit by scandals including two separate incidents in 2011…

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