This is a real turn on! The AllSeen Alliance offers a connected lighting standard


The AllSeenAlliance, which is promoting the AllJoyn mesh networking standard for the internet of things has created a smart lighting initiative to come up with one standard for how connected lights should interact with other appliances and people. This means that any device running the open source AllJoyn protocol devised by Qualcomm would have the code to control a light bulb.

So an AllJoyn-enabled smoke detector could tell an AllJoyn enabled light to flash when it goes off, or an [company]LG[/company] TV using AllJoyn could dim the lights when it turns on automatically. The benefits <of a single lighting control standard are that most possible interaction are pre-configured, and put on the device so people don’t have to use manual controls if they don’t want to. The consumer doesn’t have to program the interactions, the developers do.

The new standard will be called the Lighting Service Framework (LSF), and will…

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