WhatWine Scans A Restaurant’s Wine List To Pair Your Dish With The Right One


I’ll confess, I know very little about wine, except that too many glasses of cheap red plonk can make you very sick as a 14-year-old child. WhatWine, a new app from serial entrepreneurs Cedric Maloux and Matthew Gertner, who previously founded AllPeers together, could help fill in a few of my gaping sommelier blanks.

The newly-launched iOS app uses OCR technology to let you scan a restaurant’s wine list and, coupled with wine database Snooth, pair the correct bottle of wine to the type of main dish you’ve ordered. Or, another way to describe the app, says Maloux, is that it’s like ‘Shazam for wine list and food pairing’, in reference to the hugely popular music recognition app.

“We are really trying to solve the problem that unless you are a wine expert, it’s impossible to properly choose wine alone in a restaurant,” he tells me. “A sommelier…

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