Net Neutrality Foes And Advocates Rush To Control The Narrative As The FCC’s Comment Period Nears Its End


As the second comment period for the current net neutrality notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) approaches its end, the issue is heating back up.

When the first comment period wrapped up, the FCC received so much input from Americans that its site crashed. The comment period was extended, as was the second, to account for the days is lost to the first session.

Today, specifically, is Internet Slowdown Day, with hosts of websites showing a pop-up and faux loading spinner, indicating what might happen to the Internet if the FCC’s proposed rules are enacted. The FCC’s Chairman Tom Wheeler has been under intense vituperation following his NPRM’s inclusion of what is called ‘paid prioritization,’ a concept that is called by its foes ‘Internet fast lanes.’

Opponents of the idea are pressing web users, via the Slowdown Day effort, to make more noise as the second period for response and general comment concludes on the…

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