It ain’t over yet: Carriers circle T-Mobile in the aftermath of Sprint’s failed bid


Sprint may have officially junked its ambitious plan to buy T-Mobile US, but there’s a big telecom industry out there and it has taken notice of the U.S.’s scrappy No. 4 mobile carrier. T-Mobile’s principal owner Deutsche Telekom has indicated its willingness to sell if the price is right, and French ISP Iliad is likely to make a new bid on the carrier soon. Meanwhile, Dish Network is waiting in the wings.

[company]Iliad[/company] made an offer to buy more than half of T-Mobile’s shares last month when the [company]Sprint[/company]-[company]T-Mobile[/company] deal was still on the table, but T-Mobile dismissed the deal as too low. On Monday, though, Iliad CFO Thomas Reynaud said Iliad is talking to several international carriers and private equity companies about the possibility of making a joint bid for T-Mobile – one that DT won’t find so laughable.

What price would cause DT to prick up…

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