From Window Shopping To Retail Clicks: Mannequins With Beacon Tech Trialled In UK


Mannequins that send details of the clothes they’re displaying to nearby shoppers’ phones are being trialled in three UK bricks-and-mortar stores.

We covered the underlying VMBeacon tech earlier this year, which combines a low powered indoor transmitter Bluetooth beacon with shop mannequins or other visual merchandise — with the aim of turning window shopping into retail clicks.

The system also offers retailers a way to gain analytics on their window displays — by generating reports on customer in-app engagement with display items, although users of the Iconeme app can choose which of their details (age, gender, location) to share with shops.

The startup behind the VMBeacon, Iconeme, has now kicked off the first trial of its tech in the wild. The UK shops participating in the trial are House of Fraser’s Online Store in Aberdeen (which, despite the name, is a physical retail store); Hawes & Curtis in London…

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