White Label Video Streaming Service Vidmind Raises $30 Million From Russian Retail Tycoon


Selling on-demand video streaming services has netted the Israeli startup Vidmind $30 million in financing from Russia’s answer to Walmart Stores, Trellas.

Trellas acquired a majority stake in Vidmind with its $30 million investment as the company prepares to launch its pay TV service TVzor. Through TVzor, Trellas will sell a set top box and over the top contnet with free-to-air channels, video on demand premium channels and in-video applications and games — much like Walmart with its Vudu service.

Vidmind sells both a set top box and video as a service capabilities, allowing new television providers to launch primary services that the company claims exceed the features and capabilities that exist through either cable or satellite services.

Trellas is launching the service in Russia, but Vidmind has international aspirations. “We are looking for evolving markets,” says Danny Peled, Vidmind’s chief executive. “Asia and Europe and South America are…

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