Surprise: TV networks are already unbundling from cable


HBO is never going to unbundle, except when it is: Executives of the premium cable network have long insisted that they won’t offer its HBO Go streaming service as a Netflix-like (S NFLX) standalone internet subscription in the U.S. But HBO is already running an internet-only service in northern Europe, and it’s now looking to take that proposition to other countries, including possibly Japan and Turkey, according to a recent Wall Street Journal report.

HBO isn’t the only network that’s been testing the waters on internet-based video services. A number of broadcast and cable networks have been looking online for new opportunities, and many of them see the internet as a way to break out of pay TV’s stranglehold.

News and horror, made for online audiences

Take AMC for example. I got a lot of flack when I suggested in May that AMC may be in a prime position to…

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