How much data can one smart home generate? About 1 GB a week.


In my connected home I’ve focused mostly on automation, but Stephen Sorkin, the chief strategy officer at Splunk has decided to go a much nerdier route. He focused on data, specifically gathering data from his circuit breaker, his connected weather station and his pool. He sends that data to Splunk and has used it to make some starting conclusions — among them that his home generates about 200 MB of data a day.

In this week’s podcast Sorkin discusses how he is using data to make decisions about when to water his lawn and when to replace ol inefficient appliances. It’s one thing to guess that a new washer or dryer will save you money, but Sorkin has the data to prove it. We discuss this and why users should be in control of their data. And Kevin Tofel was on vacation this week, but my colleague Kevin Fitchard joined…

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