Code On vows to dramatically speed up Wi-Fi, cell, satellite transmissions — with math


Who wouldn’t want to watch streamed video over a Wi-Fi connection without the dread “wheel of waiting?” Or 20-times faster satellite data throughput? All without an overhaul of the underlying networks themselves?

If that sounds too good to be true, talk to Laila Partridge, managing director and business founder of Code On Technologies, one of Gigaom’s Structure Launchpad finalists this year.

gigaom-structure-launchpad_badgeThe Cambridge, Mass. company, which spun out of work at MIT and Cal Tech, has aggregated foundational technologies based on Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC) and is licensing to other vendors in hopes of broad application.

At its most basic level RLNC relies on an algebraic equation to improve data speeds by reducing dropped packets. Those misplaced data bundles lead to congestion across a wireless network as devices try to recover the missing pieces.  What the equation does instead is describe the packets… and somehow if a packet gets lost in transmission, the…

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