TV execs want Netflix to be more like Hulu and Amazon


If TV executives had their way, then Netflix (S NFLX) would look a whole lot more like its network-owned competitor Hulu or Amazon’s (S AMZN) streaming service. Executives from Nickelodeon, FX, Showtime and AMC explained that they would like Netflix to follow those services in doing more to promote their networks during a panel at the Cable Show in Los Angeles Wednesday, where FX Networks EVP of Research Julie Piepenkotter quipped: “Breaking Bad did a whole lot more for Netflix than Netflix did for Breaking Bad.”

Piepenkotter went on to complain that TV shows on Netflix don’t feature an intro, also known as bumper, that tells viewers on which network they originally aired. She mused that part of HBO’s reasoning for licensing its content to Amazon as opposed to Netflix was that Amazon allows for such branding, and added that her own network also has a much better working…

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