T-Mobile steals 1.2M phone customers from competitors as Uncarrier hits its stride


As expected, T-Mobile(s tmus) had a blowout quarter, turning phone subscriber losses at Sprint and Verizon into its own gains. T-Mobile added 2.4 million total subscribers in Q1, including 1.3 million valuable postpaid subscribers, marking a new quarterly growth record for T-Mobile in a post-holiday period that’s usually sluggish.

The most significant number was T-Mobile’s 1.2 million postpaid phone net additions, comprised mainly of core smartphone customers on voice and data plans. Those are the carriers’ most valuable customers, and in the first quarter T-Mobile demonstrated it could steal them away from its larger competitors.

[dataset id=”838831″]

Verizon(s vz) shed more than 100,000 feature phone and basic smartphone customers in Q1, while Sprint(s s) saw 230,000 postpaid customers depart. AT&T(s t) actually had a great quarter, totaling 625,000 new postpaid customers, though it also showed evidence of its smartphone growth slowing.

“T-Mobile captured virtually all of the…

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