CenturyLink makes a bold cloud move against you-know-who


CenturyLink(S CTL) is taking on Amazon(s AMZN) Web Services on (gasp) price with enterprise-friendly service level agreements and other perks layered atop, said Andrew Higginbotham, SVP of CenturyLink Cloud.

This is a bold statement in a world where Amazon has cut base-level prices more than 40 times in the last few years and now Google(s GOOG) and Microsoft(s MSFT) are matching or exceeding those cuts. And this world of cut-throat price reductions and increased enterprise-worthiness of cloud will take center stage at Gigaom’s Structure event next month.

CenturyLink, with its telco roots, may be able to out-Amazon in one key respect — bandwidth charges for CenturyLink promise to be cheaper than Amazon’s. “On bandwidth, we’ll be 50 percent cheaper on outbound pricing than AWS because we have the outbound network,” said Higginbotham (pictured above).

One thing CenturyLink has is legacy customers — Higginbotham said there are 1,000 enterprise customers using Savvis/CenturyLink…

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