Hey AT&T, enough with the gigawashing!


AT&T said Wednesday that it will consider bringing its GigaPower service that offers speeds of “up to 1 gigabit” to 21 new cities. Before anyone gets too excited, can we take a moment to call out AT&T for using the nation’s legitimate excitement over gigabit networks to sell privacy-invading broadband plans that don’t even make the gigabit grade, while also stripping away generations of broadband policies designed to ensure low-income areas get service? I call it gigawashing.

Much like I might announce a plan to discuss options to cook dinner tonight with my husband — which may or may not result in a home cooked meal — AT&T is announcing that it plans to discuss bringing its gigabit service to 21 municipalities that have that certain set of je ne sais quoi that AT&T is looking for. From the release:

AT&T will work with local leaders in these markets to discuss…

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