Genesis Media Raises $6M For Ads That Interrupt But (Hopefully) Don’t Annoy You


Ad company Genesis Media is announcing that it has raised $6 million in Series B funding.

When I discussed the funding with CEO Mark Yackanich, he described the company as “a data-driven decisioning platform that intercepts users with media” — which even he admitted was a bit of a mouthful. Put more simply, online publishers use the company’s ContentUnlock product to show ads (usually video ads) to their readers on a timed, targeted basis.

And yes, you have to watch those ads if you want to continue reading the article (or otherwise access the content). Yackanich pitched it as an alternative type of pay wall, where the reader doesn’t actually have to pay. He also said Genesis tries to “contextualize” the ad so that it’s clear that once you watch it, you won’t have to see another one for a while (the gap period may be “seven articles or…

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