How Amazon Fire TV Stacks Up To Apple TV, Chromecast And Roku


Amazon has just announced its streaming TV media device, the Fire TV, and that means it now faces off against other tech giants and incumbents in yet another category. So how does the Amazon TK compare to the likes of the Apple TV, Google’s Chromecast and Roku’s lineup of streaming set-top boxes and new HDMI stick? Here’s a basic rundown.

First-Party Content

Amazon has a considerable leg up here; its Amazon Instant Video library is large and covers a wide range of different types of content from top-notch sources. The company just looked down exclusive rights to streaming Fox hit 24, for instance, and Amazon has invested in creating originals, too, with more to come for both videos and games. Plus, Amazon also offers access to its MP3 store and user libraries from there. The catch here is that for free access to Instant Video, you’ll need to be…

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