Google’s EU antitrust adventure enters new phase as major consumer group joins suit


Remember when Google(s goog) tried to settle its European antitrust investigation and lots of people thought the four-year drama was over? About that…

With many in the European Commission already unhappy with Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia’s keenness to settle, a rather large new spanner has been thrown in the works – the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) has applied to become a complainant in the case, alongside Microsoft(s msft) and small vertical search outfits such as Foundem.

BEUC is the umbrella body for all the EU member states’ national consumer groups, which has in recent months been involved in the Google case as an observer. It is a venerable and powerful lobby group, and it is not happy with the settlement proposals that have pleased Almunia, arguing that they will not give consumers truly neutral results.

Prominence is not everything

Specifically, BEUC does not like what Google has proposed regarding…

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