MLG Launches An Xbox 360 App, Bringing Its Content Into The Living Room


This morning Major League Gaming, an e-sports company, launched an application for the Xbox 360 console.

The app will bring content from MLG’s gaming network of streams and tournaments and shows to the living room. Put more simply, MLG is opening the door to more viewership for content that it already creates. The percentage of viewers of MLG content on PCs that also have an Xbox I’d venture is high.

While the Xbox One has supplanted the 360 as Microsoft’s newest gaming device, the older device has a far larger install footprint. has been an important success for MLG, driving the company to the point of being EBITA positive. MLG reaffirmed to TechCrunch that it expects to remain EBITA positive for the next few quarters. matters as it has let the company control its content delivery system completely. This allows MLG to better monetize their traffic. The CPM…

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