Global Mobile Ad Spend Jumped 105% In 2013, On Track For $31.5B In 2014 Led By Google, Says eMarketer


As more people turn away from PCs and turn to smartphones and tablets for their online fix, the market for mobile ads continues to shift, too. Figures out today from research firm eMarketer note that mobile ad revenues surged 105% in 2013 to bring in nearly $18 billion in sales.

It predicts that 2014 will see more modest growth, up 75% to $31.5 billion. Crucially, mobile ads are finally breaking through into meaningful shares of overall digital spend, and will account for nearly one-quarter of it this year.

When it comes to who is leading the mobile ad charge, Google very much remains at the top with eMarketer projecting that it will 46.8% of all revenues this year, although its position is diminishing, with Facebook picking up steam to account for 22% of mobile ad sales in 2014. No surprise, considering that last quarter was the first that Facebook, with…

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