Google and Snapchat put their spat — or whatever it was — behind them


Google(s goog) announced Tuesday that Bobby Murphy, co-founder of Snapchat, will speak at the Google Cloud Platform Live event in a couple of weeks. Normally that would not merit a story except for a wee dustup a few weeks ago after SnapChat hired away Peter Magnusson, from Google to be its VP of engineering.

According to the initial The Wall Street Journal (registration required) report, part of Magnusson’s job would be to build technology infrastructure in-house so that the company could begin to lessen its reliance on Google.

Magnusson took exception to that characterization of what Murphy said and the Journal updated the story with this:

Snapchat will over time build more of its own technology infrastructure, Murphy said. “We’ll continue to build out infrastructure to support our unique needs, and we’ll do that in part by leveraging as much of what Google and other service providers offer,” he said.

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