How Facebook Is Creating Its Next Few Billion Users

Business & Money

Facebook announced last year that it’s leading a squad of technology companies in a campaign to get the world’s estimated 4 billion disconnected people onto the Internet — and new data from Pew released Thursday show exactly why that’s so important to the company. In a new study on emerging nations’ adoption of the Internet and mobile technology, Pew found that among 24 nations studied, there’s a large gap between the percentage of people who regularly have access to the Internet:

Pew Global Internet
Pew Research Center

However, it also found that once people in a particular country have regular Internet access, they quickly become avid social networking users:

Pew Internet
Pew Research Center

Facebook already has a staggering 1.15 billion users — but many of the people with an Internet connection and a desire to sign up for Facebook have probably already done so at this point, save the young who aren’t old enough for…

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