With myDoorman, You Never Have To Miss A Package Delivery Again


While a number of big-name brands like Amazon, Google and eBay are testing the waters of local delivery on demand, where couriers drop off products following the push of a button on your smartphone, a new San Francisco-area startup called myDoorman is trying to solve the more everyday annoyance of missing your UPS or FedEx delivery window. Instead of returning home to find a sticky note left on your door, you can use myDoorman’s mobile app instead to schedule evening deliveries of your packages on demand.

The company was founded by Zander Adell, previously a Technical Director at Pixar, who helped work on design and coding for films like Toy Story 3 and Wall-E. He later followed his interest in video gaming to a product management role Idle Games, but still felt unfulfilled. What really grabbed his attention, though, was Uber.

“I was completely obsessed with Uber, and used…

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