Salesforce’s Ex-CMO Launches GetFeedback, A New Mobile-First Customer Survey Platform


Back in 2006, two enterpreneurs called Kraig Swensrud and Sean Whiteley started a business based around the idea that Salesforce could be used for more than just helping salespeople organise their accounts and targets. Kieden, as the startup was called, created an add-on for Salesforce that let users create and manage Google AdWords advertising campaigns, and in that same year, it was acquired by Salesforce itself, where the two held various roles and Swensrud eventually became the CMO. Now the pair have left the mothership to forge out into the startup world again. Today they are launching GetFeedback to fill what they see as yet another hole in the market: mobile-first customer surveys.

Swensrud says that GetFeedback is launching with an unspecified amount of seed funding from Salesforce itself, along with some unnamed investors.

Today is GetFeedback’s official launch, but in beta, GetFeedback had already picked up some 1,000 customers…

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