YouTube Finally Lands On The 3DS


In case you do not have access to your smartphone, computer, tablet, smart TV, Xbox 360, PS3, Boxee Box, PS Vita or any of the other countless connected devices, you can now watch YouTube on a Nintendo 3DS.

Nearly 2 years after its launch, the 3DS now has a YouTube app. The top screen plays back the video while the bottom serves up touchscreen controls. The shoulder buttons control navigation and the directional pad provides scrolling options. Or, use a stylus to control everything. Essentially, the app performs as expected.

Ironically, the app does not support 3D YouTube videos.

The app is now available through the 3DS eShop in North America and Europe, joining Netflix and Hulu which launched just last month.

(In case it’s not obvious, YouTube is not available on a Game Boy Color, nor does it ship in cartridge form. But these mockups, like the one…

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