The Centris Industry Scorecard is a market analysis for cable, satellite, and telephone companies.  Using data published in quarterly statements, historical trends, and proprietary research, Centris determines the present state of the market for video, high speed data and voice services.  Josh Smith, Centris’ modeling and analytics manager, prepares the report each quarter.  The current findings include:

  • Fiber voice continues to gain share, but even with the additions posted by cable, the wired voice industry shed 815K subscribers in Q4. As the secular trend to wireless only continues, major wired telephone customer penetration of occupied households stands at 63.9%, a 0.9% loss from Q3 2012.
  • Despite adding 117K subscribers in Q4 2012, Satellite has remained steady at 28.5% occupied household penetration for the third consecutive quarter.
  • By Centris estimates, the Pay-TV industry added approximately 87K subscribers in Q4 2012, not enough to increase the penetration of occupied households.  The Pay-TV rate fell 0.2% in Q4 2012 to 83.5% (it is important to note that this statistic includes households outside cable service area).
  • The negative impact on the penetration of occupied households appears to be due, in part, to reduced gains in satellite (+117K in Q4’12;  +147K in Q4’11) and fiber (+334K in Q4’12; +412K in Q4’11) which were not offset by reduced losses in cable video (-330K in Q4’12; -396K in Q4’11) and a significant decrease (0.2%) in the household vacancy rate.

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